How to buy TCN Tcoin is a question from many people that contact us. In this tutorial you’ll see how easy is to do this operation.

Where can I find information about this cryptocoin?

You can get the information you need in the section what is  TCN Tcoin.

Where to buy TCN Tcoin ?

Currently, you can buy this token in Trade by Trade, the exchange platform which TCN Tcoin is an asset to.


How to do it?

in order to get your TCN Tcoin tokens you can follow the following steps.


1. Go to Trade by Trade exchange platform and register yourself.

Register in Trade by Trade, the exchange platform. Confirm your e-mail and telephone number to start and follow the register instructions.


2. Make a deposit (For example in BTC)

To buy TCN Tcoin you have to make a deposit in BTC or USDT.


3. Select your base currency

Select which cryptocurrency you’ll use to buy TCN Tcoin, from the options of USDT or BTC.


4. Choose the currency you want to buy (in this case TCN Tcoin)

You can choose TCN Tcoin from the available cryptocurrency list.


5. Select “Exchange” and inside it choose the “Buy” option.

You can find the buy option inside the “Exchange” menu.


6. Insert the amount you want to buy.

You choose how much TCN Tcoin you want to buy and make an order with that.


7. Press buy and you’ll get your TCN Tcoin.

After that, you’ll be able to see TCN Tcoin in your Trade by Trade cryptocurrency wallet. If you prefer, you can also keep it in the TCN Tcoin wallets we have in our website.


Now you know how to buy TCN Tcoin!


The views provided in this blog are purely informative and may reflect some author own views and opinions, in a given time and market situation. This should not be used as investment advice. Investing is your own risk and should be done after your market analysis.