When you buy a TCN Tcoin token, sometimes you may want to withdraw it from your exchange wallet and keep it in your computer, for instance. That’s why we offer wallets for our clients to store Tcoin TCN. In this article you will learn how to get your TCN Tcoin wallet. It’s simple.

What is a digital wallet?

Like any other wallet, the function of a digital wallet is to store something. The difference is that this wallet is digital and stores tokens of cryptocoin. These can be online (stored in a server in a web) or offline (stored in your computer).

Why do we offer a TCN Tcoin wallet to our customers?

In TCN Tcoin our goal is to offer the best costumer experience. We understand that our clients may want to store their TCN Tcoin on their computer or online, but they need a proper way to do so. So, we have fully compatible wallets, that store their tokens in the best way either online or offline.

What kind of wallets do we provide?

You can find both online and offline wallets. To answer the different needs for different clients, we have wallets for:

1) Windows
2) Mac OS
3) IOS (available soon)
4) Android

What are the steps to get your TCN Tcoin wallet?

Online wallet:

1) Visit TCN’s Tcoin website

2) Click register

3) Fill the necessary fields

4) Confirm the registry using the link in your e-mail

5) Use your wallet to store TCN Tcoin, so you can send and receive it anytime you need.

If you want to download your wallet…

1) Scroll down a little bit until you find the wallet screen

2) Choose the type that fits your needs

3) Click to download it to your device

The Windows and Mac OS wallets are offline and tokens will be stored in your computer. iOS and Android are apps connected to your online wallet. Only use these wallets to store TCN Tcoin and no other coins.

Enjoy the functionalities of your TCN Tcoin wallet.


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