TCN TCOIN and TCoin are distinct coins

TCN TCOIN is a Trade by Trade Coin, Tcoin is NOT!

What is TCN Tcoin?

TCN TCOIN is a cryptocurrency token based on blockchain technology.TCN TCOIN is a token of Trade by Trade (TBT), a cryptocurrency exchange platform that has unique tools that help traders exchange better!

Trade by Trade coin is called TCOIN and its abbreviation is TCN.

REMEBER: TCN TCOIN is available ONLY in Trade by Trade or TCC platforms at the moment.

How different are TCN TCOIN and TCOIN?

TCN Tcoin is a new cryptocoin that belongs to Trade by Trade. It should not be confused with TCOIN (TCOIN) which is completely different cryptocoin. TCN Tcoin and Tcoin work in totally different networks and the servers/nodes do not communicate with each other. Therefore, be very careful: if you try to send TCN TCOIN to a TCOIN address, or the other way around, you may lose your coins.