What is TCN Tcoin?

TCN Tcoin is a blockchain technology based coin and a Trade by Trade (TBT) asset.
TCN Tcoin holders may have some profit, at the end of each year, depending on TBT’s results.


What is TCN TCOIN?

Tcoin is a cryptocurrency token based on blockchain technology. Tcoin is a token of Trade by Trade (TBT), a cryptocurrency exchange platform that has unique tools that help traders exchange better!

What you can do with TCN Tcoin?

TCN Tcoin is a criptocoin that is safe, reliable and that you can use to do transactions online as most of other cryptocurrencies. It also can be traded in trading platforms, starting in Trade by Trade.

What are TCN’s Tcoin characteristics?

TCN Tcoin will have finite number of tokens, 88.8 million, with actual pre-mined value of 80% of 71 040 000 tokens. This last amount will distributed in the following way:

  • 30% (21 312 000 of tokens) for actual clients of TBT by invitation (which can immediately by traded in TBT). This value will be released in 3 different phases until the end of 2017;
  • 30% (21 312 000 of tokens) to TBT (to be used in marketing and new products development);
  • 30% (21 312 000 of tokens) to TBT founders;
  • 10% (7 104 000 of tokens) to TBT management.

The remaining 20% (14 208 000) of total tokens will be mined in the next years.

TCN Tcoin potential with Trade by Trade’s numbers

Currently with almost 1 million clients all over the world.
In the next four years, TBT’s objective is to have 20 million wallets and have a 15% market share in cryptocoin exchange world market.

Although these are our objectives, we can’t guarantee that the growth will occur this way. Decision of investing is made by you, and we cannot be hold liable if projections don’t go exactly as planned.

Why can be so attractive to invest in TCN Tcoin?

Besides the valuation that occurs in trading, if you’re a TCN Tcoin holder, from the 31th December 2019, you will receive annually, in the proportion to your number in tokens in wallet at that time of the year, the corresponding value of 10% of Trade by Trade’s annual financial net profit in bitcoins, according to the following formula:



The Exchange Trade by Trade is integrated into a strong group and connected to other Exchanges that will also trade TCN Tcoin very soon.

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